How Can We Help You?

We understand your lawn can be the focal point of your home. We express extreme care when on and around your property. Our experience and attention to detail are paramount in the work we do. Lawn care is just the tip of the iceberg, overgrown trees, trees that become unstable, bushes and weeds don't have to diminish the look or condition of your property. Dirty siding, windows, gutters and driveways also can decrease the appearance of value of a property. We offer affordable pricing that beats the competition, hands down.

HandyMatt's Lawn and Tree Service also offers various outdoor handyman services. Whether its that broken fence gate, removing old mulch from the garden or the storm that came through and damaged the kid's swing set. We offer affordable fix it all services for those things outside the house that happen or that you just don't really want to do. Have an outdoor project? Just ask, and we can quote you a price that we know you will like! a.